Secret guide of the city

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Secret guide of the city

In a World Heritage City such as Santiago de Compostela, we recommend a series of places that you should not fail to visit during your stay with us, namely:

  • Our first recommendation is strolling around the old town streets, admiring the facades, gargoyles, knockers of the urban mansions and historical houses you come across, until you reach the Cathedral area, mythical adjacent squares and streets such as Obradoiro, Quintana, Platerías, Fonseca or streets such as Rúa del Villar, Rúa Nova and Rúa del Franco. 
  • You shouldn’t overlook the area around the hotel, since nearby is the Church of San Martín Pinario –it’s worth visiting just to see that magnificent baldachin. Experiencing the early morning reality of Santiago’s Mercado de Abastos (food market) is a pleasure for the senses, if you like seeing all kinds of fish and seafood. You have the possibility of buying and eating what you like in the market’s own cafeteria, as well as observing the freshest produce in the area.
  • Going for a stroll in Santiago’s 19th-century Alameda Park, enjoying panoramic views of Santiago Cathedral and going all the way around the horseshoe-shaped walk is a classic pastime that produces all kinds of sensations.
  • Not everyone can say that they’ve walked along the Cathedral rooftops and taken panoramic photos of Compostela’s old town, an experience that is available all year round at guaranteed times. Book.
  •  Another must is a complete visit to the Cathedral Museum’s permanent collection, excavations, “Pórtico de la Gloria,” Crypt, which can also be combined with a visit to the Rooftops, giving you a surprising view of the Cathedral and its history. Book.
  • Every day, there are guided tours of the old town in Spanish, carried out by professionals belonging to the Galician Association of Guides. Book.
  •  Enjoying the spectacle of the Botafumeiro, a large censer in Santiago Cathedral, is another must-see city attraction that takes place every Friday at 7.30 pm. More info.
  • Completing this small summary of things you shouldn’t miss, just a few metres from our hotel entrance, walking eastwards, you’ll see the building that houses the contemporary art museum (CGAC), designed by the famous Portuguese architect Siza, which marks the beginning of a beautiful part of the city. A few metres away, the Museo do Pobo Galego (ethnographic museum) featuring the Pantheon of Illustrious Galicians. This is the resting place of important figures, such as the poetess Rosalía de Castro. In the same area, behind the building, discover Santo Domingos de Bonaval Park, the city’s former cemetery that is now another green space for walking around. Cross over Calle San Pedro and visit the garden of Belvís Park, a popular place with locals especially during good weather.



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